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Purchase Policy

Declaration of Performance

Seller declares the equipment is in excellent working condition and has no intermittent problems or history of malfunction, unless stated at purchase time.

Verification of Performance

This agreement can be cancelled if the equipment should prove to be faulty or fail to perform as stated at purchase time. Second Source Computer Center reserves the right to hold onto equipment for up to 15 working days for testing.

Method of Payment

Check to be issued within 3 days of confirmation call and mailed to the address listed when turned over for testing.

Affidavit of Ownership

Seller declares that they are the legal owner of the equipment and assumes all liability and will fully reimburse Second Source Computer Center of West Chester for any legal fees, loss of revenue and any consequential damages that would result if such ownership proved to be invalid.


A copy of the Purchase agreement is made available to all Law Enforcement Authorities to check validity of ownership. We require proper identification (Drivers License or other Government Issued Photo ID). Your Identification will be photocopied and attached to this agreement.

All equipment left at Second Source Computer Center over 30 Days after Method of Payment is established or if the Owner declined to sell equipment, will be declared abandoned and the equipment will be disposed of accordingly.

Computer Repair Policy

Second Source Computer Center accepts NO liability for loss or inconvenience associated with loss of data or software. We do not back up data without customer consent.

Service problems which result from improper operation by end users are chargeable at normal hourly rates.

Intermittent Problems which require further service after initial repairs that are performed are chargeable at the normal hourly rate.

Service warranty is limited to parts replacement only.

Standard warranty DOES NOT cover reloading, back ups, loaners of any type, priority service and maintenance.

Customer authorization/signature is required for all non-warranty repairs at time of machine check-in. All repairs needed will be performed unless otherwise stated at drop off.